AT&T held a monopoly on all communications over phone lines, and they envisioned the future of communication as the picturephone. This is a fantasy product that was shown at the New York world's fair in 1964 and still doesn't exist as it was described.

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A high-speed satellite internet network interface is created between MIT and a PDP-6 by Bob Metcalfe. The interface is extremely high-speed, about 100 kB per second, and it runs for over 12 years without service. Metcalfe then goes on to build an ARPANET interface for Xerox called the MAXC. At the same time DEC announces the Unibus...

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By the beginning of the year, more than 200 computers in dozens of institutions have been connected within CSNET, but we are a long way from hunting down Internet providers by zip code. BITNET, another startup community, is based on protocols which include file transfer via e-mail as an alternative to by the FTP procedure from the ARPA...


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The 1990's

The Internet becomes such a component of the computing establishment that the professional society forms to steer it returning. The Internet Contemporary society (ISOC), with Vint Cerf in addition to Bob Kahn among its founders, validates the coming old of inter-networking and its pervasive role inside lives of pros in developed nations around the world. The IAB and its supporting committees become component of ISOC and it is closing in on the time when you can actually look for Internet Providers all over the U.S.

The quantity of networks exceeds 7, 500 and the volume of computers connected travels 1, 000, 000. The MBONE for the first time carries audio in addition to video. The challenge towards telephone network’s dominance because the basis for interacting between people is viewed for the first time; the Internet isn't any longer just pertaining to machines to talk together.

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